Blockchain Incubator Asia

YELLOW is an established Blockchain Asia incubator that has contributed to crypto projects since 2013. The team is actively participating in the future of Blockchain in multiple ways: by investing, mentoring, providing software solutions and advisory on STOs, legal, banking, marketing, token economics, fundraising and listing, to name only the core activities. Notably, YELLOW provides advisory on the Momentum Protocol and BidiPass.

  • The Momentum Eco-System is the upcoming standard for loyalty rewards. It enables businesses to easily transfer their loyalty/reward programs onto the Blockchain and transform the way they attract and retain customers in revolutionary ways that were previously thought impossible. The Momentum Eco-System comprises a Blockchain protocol for token creation, exchange and ledger, consumer data controls and consumer wallet (DApp) managing loyalty programs in a single place.
  • BidiPass is an identity authentication protocol built on top of Ethereum. Designed to strengthen the KYC model global businesses depend on, the technology provides a seamless identity authentication and an Ethereum-based tokenization platform with built-in KYC. It is used for identity verification (SP), BDP token transfers, asset deployment and asset transactions.

TOKENOMX and Other Live Events

YELLOW also organizes live events, notably conferences and meet-ups. In late 2018, the incubator acquired TOKENOMX and combined its operations as to build a global events and conferences division. With the mass adoption of Blockchain technology being the main goal of YELLOW’s incubator program, the team is planning to support it with live events and conferences worldwide.

It was clear after their first event that the core values at TOKENOMX strongly mirror the culture we’re building here at Yellow,” says Yellow founder, Alexis Sirkia.

Capital and Startup Factory

YELLOW launched Yellow Capital Fund I in the Cayman Islands in 2018. The Startup Factory provides seed investments to blockchain projects. The projects being currently incubated are MESG, Beachhead (VR City with a crypto economy) and Prediction /WindProtocol.  


Boasting of being “the new economy of app development,” MESG helps its clients build reusable, shareable integrations from any API or decentralized network and earn profits thereby. The integration is managed by the MESG Engine, which powers connectivity between modules and other devices and applications. It saves both time and effort by allowing for integrations built by existing modules in the MESG Marketplace.

MESG offers multiple benefits, including rapid feature integration, multi-language applications, event-driven architecture, autonomous workflows, hybrid decentralized applications and scalable applications.

Rapid feature integration provides efficient prototyping and updates. All MESG modules are compatible with any other module or app, allowing for a seamless addition/removal of features, without the need for complex reconfiguration of an entire application.

Multi-language applications are convenient in that they eliminate the usual obstacles caused by language differences between the products and features, which is detrimental when it comes to building new products. MESG Modules feature various programming languages and data formats connected to the MESG Engine, which makes adding new features an easy task.

Event-driven architecture allows any service to create events and react to others with loosely coupled dependencies. In comparison, standard modular app-building methods require third-party access. MESG Modules allow for app creation by connecting third-party events to modules’ execution. Reactive applications created in this way listen for events from any data source (Blockchain and web services).

MESG features flow-based programming to create reactive applications offering endless possibilities. Blockchain events are easily combined into a substantial workflow with the help of the MESG Engine. Creating Blockchain event workflows makes atomic swaps, lightning network or sidechain deployment fast and seamless. MESG’s decentralized network enables clients to run centralized services in a decentralized trustless environment. In addition, MESG allows for connecting centralized components in a decentralized way. Thus, centralizing critical features to add third-party features ceases to be needed.

MESG creates scalable infrastructure by mixing event-driven architecture with a decentralized network. The feature is of paramount importance, since centralized app infrastructures are inherently limited. Namely, local networks and servers cannot accommodate them to their full potential, and maintaining private servers is costly. MESG eliminates compatibility issues and, hence, the need for choosing a predefined technology that restricts integration limits. MESG’s decentralized network (Q1 2020) allows apps to be distributed in a trustless way, allowing for limitless scalability.


The goal of PredictionVC is to accelerate the world’s transition to decentralized economies. It maps the world’s strengths and opinions on digital currencies. The business makes direct investments in other on-chain and off-chain digital currency funds and produces the Digital Currency Prediction Index (DCPI).


Beachhead is the first ever entertainment product integrating gaming and VR using own crypto economy. It is an alternative reality world powered by decentralized crypto economics combining entertainment, commerce and gaming in a revolutionary way.

The service emerged from the BeachHead video game series and brings together the Blockchain technology and the game’s deep history.

YELLOW Foundation

YELLOW operates a Foundation, which is a registered non-profit charity in Thailand. YELLOW Foundation is focused on sustainable development projects, enabling technology for charities and education.

To further its goal, YELLOW has been creating trading software for Blockchain exchanges ever since its inception (2013). The business also runs Yellow Media, dubbed “the voice of Blockchain,” which publishes news and inspires education and entertainment for online- and traditional-channel distribution.


Yellow is preparing its new space in Chiang Mai, Thailand (estimated to be finalized in February 2019). The space will offer offices, co-working, incubation, meet-ups and networking for Bitcoin community Asia and beyond. The first step to that end is this year’s TOKENONMX 2019, which will be held from February 27 to 28 in Bangkok (at The Athénée Hotel). The event will bring together Blockchain experts from all corners of the world. Some of the speakers will include:

  1.      Juergen Hoebarth (, RealLifeConnect and Haexagon Concepts)
  2.      Damian Mee (Bitcoin veteran)
  3.      Nicholas Merten (DataDash)
  4.      Prinn Panitchpakdi (The Stock Exchange of Thailand)
  5.      Alan Laubsch (Generation Blue)
  6.      Nicole Nguyen (Infinity Blockchain Ventures)
  7.      Allie Zhang (Blocktag)
  8.      Miko Matsumura (Evercoin)
  9.      Alexis Sirkia (Yellow)
  10.   Chris Williamson (MB Technology)

Now that you have learned enough about YELLOW to see why it’s one of the leading Blockchain incubators in Asia, be sure to continue following the company, and even attend TokenomX at the end of February!




Battle of the Blockchains

powered by yellow

27-28th February, 2019

The Athénée Hotel BKK — THAILAND

Preregistration Mixer on the 26th!

EARLY BIRD tickets available NOW

    26th February: Pre-registration Networking and Cocktails (all ticket holders)

  • Speaker Dinner (VIP Plus ticket holders only)

  • 27th February: Conference Day 1 (all ticket holders)

  • VIP Party (VIP Plus and VIP ticket holders only)

  • 28th February: Conference Day 2 (all ticket holders)

  • Official after party (all ticket holders)


— The first TokenomX launched in the lovely city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. SEE MORE