How to Make the Most of a Conference

“Conference” —  that curious word covering a variety of definitions, is more tricky than generally deemed. Due to a number of factors (the abundance of events dealing with a specific topic not the least), making the most of a conference just might prove to be a subjective category.                   

Still, some generally accepted determiners differentiating between an average and a good conference hold true for all attendees alike, such as are the lineup, venue, accessibility, value, action and get-togethers. That’s quite a lot of items, as it were, but all of them are as necessary an                               ingredient of a great conference as it gets.                                                                                                    

Conferences are just like any other event bringing many people together: they rely heavily on organization. The larger the conference, the more factors there are to consider in order for all aspects to run smoothly. Everything from tickets to private dinners should fit together in a way acceptable to all attendees. It’s a tricky task, but by no means an impossible one.  



The Thin Line Between Great and Legendary Conferences

As holds true for pretty much everything in life, some form of theoretical knowledge is capable of doing wonders in choosing the conference to remember (and not only to remember, but also to re-visit). Many conferences are annual events; as time goes by, appetites grow. It is a simple psychological trick that makes all of us expect more of established events, which, in turn, puts more pressure on organizers. This simple but often overlooked fact is the main reason why people (especially busy people) may get disappointed even if the conference of their choice is a reputable one. That isn’t to say that the conference is, per se, bad. It just doesn’t meet attendees’ expectations, which are often too high in such cases.

What is the perk that makes the biggest difference between a great and a legendary conference?

As it turns out, the answer is a mixture of factors. Not surprisingly, they take into account all of the abovementioned determiners. Often the thing that makes all the difference, however, is a simple thing. I.e., a killer panel moderated by a surprise guest who knows how to create “a-ha!” moments for the audience.

Picking a conference that brings together “new kids on the block” may just prove to be such an event, but — being fully aware of the saying “never believe anything that follows ‘but’,” we still beg to differ.  Emerging technologies may be all the rage, but they also come packed with the painful process of testing and failing. Although it is essential to continually stay informed about new developments, that isn’t to say that just any clever guy with a good idea is bound to succeed in the long run.

Legendary conferences are devised in such a way that they allow for both valuable insights and critical thinking. Therefore, we’d argue that a well organized interaction between ALL participants is what makes a great conference stand out from others.

To be sure, all conferences allow for interaction, to an extent, at least. However, there is a huge difference between large gatherings and privately curated ones. The latter, more often than not, give birth to exactly those kinds of contacts every conference attendee ultimately wishes to make (and keep).

The Next Level of Speaker-Content Interrelation

There are good speakers, and then there are brilliant ones. Everyone knows that. Still, even the greatest of speakers must take content into account… or, more precisely, the wrapping of the content. This often comes in the form of the so-called key takeaways and summaries, which are an eternal reminder of a stellar presentation and a legendary conference.

On top of being reminders, they also help in other ways. Seriously, anyone with even a slight sense of reality can see that the times we live in are hectic. With the “information revolution” ongoing (and continually gaining momentum), it is pretty safe to conclude that the times we’ll live in at some point in the future will be even more hectic still.

So, what do key takeaways and summaries from some great conference hosted last year have to do with that? A good deal, as it were. Busy people will get busier still, and new ideas and insights will keep attacking them from all sides. Who can possibly remember the exact content of a presentation that rang a bell for that one business idea to make all the difference?


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Conference to Attend

Keeping things simple is always the best approach to difficult decisions. And, make no mistake about that, choosing a conference to attend IS a difficult decision. No matter the topic of your interest, it is bound to be covered by at least a dozen conferences (and often multiple times more). Not to expand on obvious factors overmuch (location, conference size, your budget, your busy schedule), here are some factors that must be taken into account:

  • Lineup and content – A diverse line-up is always the best choice. Speakers should be able to provide insights in an inspiring and engaging manner.

  • Accompanying activities – A great conference should offer get-togethers, panel discussions, and other private activities that will help attendees make fruitful business contacts.

  • Visibility – A stellar conference should provide visibility to its attendees. If your business has something to offer to others (and what kind of business doesn’t?), you will wish to expand its prospects. Where better to do it than at a large gathering of like-minded people?

  • Discussions and more discussions – Panels and interactive presentations are the key factor in broadening one’s insights. It is often through questions of people from other fields that best answers are born. Did you know that some of the best innovative concepts were created by experts answering questions of students from a different study background?

Keep It Real

As already stated, disappointments are often the result of unrealistic expectations. Conferences may be just the place to learn new things and meet like-minded people, but they are, by no means, about every attendee. E.g., if you wish to present your ideas to a large number of people, look for conferences where you can deliver a speech. You’d be surprised how many of those are available! For the reasons mentioned above, every conference aiming high (and they all are) can always do with another brilliant presenter. Are you one?  


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