Tips for Choosing a Conference

What is it that makes a conference truly stand out from the myriad of others? Is there a common denominator that leaves everyone in awe when it comes to stellar conferences?

As it were, the more people that are involved, the more different opinions mix into conversations. That, however, holds true for pretty much everything in life. A good conference is like a good party — all guests feel at home, mix with like-minded crowds, leave with a richer address book and enjoy a pleasant intellectual hangover for days to come. Once reality kicks in, they say: “What an                                                                              event that was!”                                                                                                                                                   

Is there really a way for a conference to invoke all those stroke feelings? Really, truly, seriously?        

There sure is.

Great Minds Think Alike

The first thing — the closest to a common denominator —  to keep in mind when choosing a conference to attend is that a truly great event provides all attendees with a chance to connect with like-minded people. That isn’t to say — just people with similar interests. Certainly a conference on, say, cryptocurrencies, is bound to bring together people interested in virtual assets, but that doesn’t mean they are the right people. How come?

It’s quite simple, really. For comparison’s sake, let’s imagine a typical day at work. Everyone’s colleagues are a mix of people sharing a set of skills needed for the same profession, but that doesn’t mean everyone likes everyone. If they did, the concept of team building wouldn’t have been invented in the first place, right?

The same applies to conferences. “Like-minded people” are, more often than not, individuals from different industries with similar mindsets. Mind the term. It’s exactly an appropriate mindset that helps people connect and give rise to fruitful partnerships and — why not? — even long-lasting friendships.

The Value-Action Connection


The next thing to keep in mind is the actual value of the conference. Large conferences don’t get labeled “large” out of the blue. There is a serious amount of capital backing them up and a serious strategy propelling them forward. For one thing, expert speakers are greatly sought out. Their schedules are busy; they pick their events carefully.

On the other hand, new conferences aiming to establish themselves must outshine established events, so they often unearth novelties to impress attendees. It’s a no-brainer, if you consider it rationally.

A more pressing issue is that of the choice of a single conference. Popular topics are omnipresent, with summits dealing with them spanning continents and often even overlapping. Take Asia’s crypto conferences as an example. They’re tightly packed and often coupled with accompanying events, no doubt with the aim to attract a large portion of the same audience in a couple of days and, sometimes, weeks. There are busy schedules of the attendees to keep in mind, so picking a single event may prove to be challenging indeed.

So, how to single out just the conference to fulfill all your needs?

Organization Is the Key


First and foremost, conferences that have made it big have done so by heavily relying on organization. Reputable events offer a variety of benefits, including speeches, panels, key takeaways, accompanying activities, socialization events and a whole lot of networking on all levels: get-togethers that are large, small, private, public and taking place during and after the actual program.

The focus is on value and action. A truly brilliant conference does not solely deal with a single topic. Rather, it spins a tale around it, presents new use cases, shows how the topic can be used outside of the box and makes attendees wish to think up new ideas. It is inspirational, leaves a lasting effect and aims to preserve its attendee base in the long run. At the end of the day, the audience should leave happy and with clear ideas and concepts on how to apply that newly-acquired knowledge to their respective industries.


On-the-Go Content


Successful conferences offer a whole lot of new insights to last a lifetime. What does that exactly portend? Put simply, if a conference of your choice doesn’t offer keynotes, workshops and panels, maybe better reconsider attending it.

Again, busy people need to allocate their time slots carefully, and, as a rule, conference attendees do comprise busy people.

Further out, the contents of the conference should be applicable to all kinds of businesses — from startups to large organizations. There’s a little something for everyone, or, better still — a lot of something for everyone.

But that has a downside to it. The more information that’s served, the less time to digest it. That’s why it is essential that the information “leaves” the conference venue with the audience. Keynotes and key takeaways are of extreme importance for later use. They allow for refreshing one’s memory in a short amount of time and provide a reminder of other aspects presently forgotten.

Conference Accessibility and Lineup

Leaving actual country (or continent, for that matter) aside, there is the issue of accessibility. Believe it or not, some ambitious conferences did poorer than they could have simply because they weren’t accessible enough.  

The choice of actual location plays an immensely important role in attracting prospective attendees. That isn’t to say that a conference should be insanely expensive to cover for the costs of the venue. A fine balance of an affordable price and reasonably acceptable amenities is all that is needed.

Finally, there is the matter of the lineup. It should be such that, when a prospective attendee looks at the list of presenters, they know at a glance the conference is a must-see. When it comes to speakers, it is not all about new insights. It is the stepping stone, to be sure, but by no means the only quality sought. A good presenter will amaze the audience, make it question its knowledge and provide invaluable insights for each attendee’s respective industry. All that — coupled with stellar presentation skills.

Last but not least, a conference to be remembered for a long time brings together the “opposing sides”. I.e., using the example of cryptocurrencies, the best of conferences host representatives of startups and large businesses, CEOs and investors, enthusiasts and pioneers, and show them how they can drive value by joining forces.

If you keep all these tips in mind, you are certain to pinpoint just the conference to broaden your horizons. The good news is — there is no lack of them!


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