2019 Blockchain Conferences in Asia

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Conferences present an unprecedented opportunity to connect with the community and network with like-minded individuals. Blockchain is no exception. Blockchain conferences offer excellent opportunities for people to engage with one another and potentially even build relationships that will result in mutual benefits. Interpersonal connection can be hard to come by in a community that is based largely online, which makes these conferences even more invaluable.


If you are looking for a Blockchain conference near you in Asia, we have created a comprehensive list to help you select the events that are right for you and your business. Each Blockchain conference in Asia offers unique opportunities, experiences and lessons. Consider the details, and then pick one or even all to attend, as you become a more active member of the Blockchain world.

Blockchain Conference Asia Schedule

Tokenomx – Bangkok, Thailand – February 27-28th


Our very own TokenomxXs Battle of the Blockchain is an epic two-day event that brings knowledgeable speakers from all over the world together in one location. Complete with an official after-party, this is one Blockchain conference in Asia that you won’t want to miss. You’ll definitely want to put TokenomX on your calendar for February 2019.

However, there are at least 11 other conference that are worthwhile to explore in early 2019. 

1. Binance Blockchain Week – Singapore – January 19th-22nd 


Binance’s first Blockchain Week will feature a two-day hackathon, which will be followed by a two-day conference. Overall, the week will showcase over 50 speakers and approximately 100 developers. This conference aims to unite the community to eradicate uncertainty and fortify the future of Blockchain. 

2. Annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week – Seoul, Republic of Korea – January 23rd-24th 


This conference taps into one of the biggest Blockchain markets in Asia, featuring over 75 speakers from 15 countries, along with numerous media personalities in attendance to help the event gain exposure. The conference wraps up with a business tour that offer attendees the chance to build long-lasting partnerships. 

3. Japan Blockchain Conference 2019 – Yokohama, Japan – January 30th-31st 


One of Asia’s biggest Blockchain conferences, the Japan Blockchain Conference 2019 seeks to bring together over 15,000 attendees for an unprecedented exchange of technology. With the first installment of this conference in 2018, expect this year’s even to be bigger and better than ever before. 

4. Vietnam Blockchain Confex 2019 – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – January 30th 


This conference strives to bring together innovators from a variety of industries, ranging from government to telecommunication, to discuss all things Blockchain. With CEOs and expert trainers scheduled to speak, attendees will have many opportunities to learn from prominent members of the community. 

5. Traders Fair and Gala Night 2019 – Bangkok, Thailand – February



This fair offers an incredible list of sponsors and participants, also coupled with chances to win amazing prizes. Organized by FinExpo, an experienced conference planning promoter, attending this event will be an excellent networking opportunity. 

6. Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019 – Hong Kong – March 4th – 8th 


Expected to be the largest Blockchain event in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019 will bring together industry leaders from all aspects of the field. Some prominent themes to be discussed, including cybersecurity, investment outlook into Blockchain technology, and industry and practical applications. 

7. CoinAdvice Conference 2019 – Thailand – March 4th-6th 


CoinAdvice strives to be the go-to conference for both domestic and international enterprises who want to expand their networks and gain exposure. As the biggest gathering of coin owners, attendees will have many opportunities to network and take notes from fascinating panelists. 

8. Asia Crypto Week – Hong Kong – March 11th-17th 


This event serves as a week-long cryptocurrency extravaganza, where both newbies and experienced users alike can learn from each other and expand their knowledge. With 12 different events throughout the week, there is sure to be something for everyone.  

9. TOKEN2049 – Hong Kong – Mar. 13th-14th 

TOKEN2049 is made up of two networking days that are remarkably productive for everyone involved in the Blockchain or crypto market. Interact with CEOs and founders of some of the most important cryptocurrency companies in existence, and take advantage of countless networking offerings. 

10. Crypto Expo Asia: Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – April 26th 


The Crypto Expo in Malaysia will present well-known panelists to help further your crypto knowledge. Additionally, it is sure to be entertaining with magic shows, live performances and even opportunities for attendees to win amazing prizes.  

11. Philippines Crypto Expo – Manila, Philippines – April 27th 


This informative conference strives to educate the public and make the world of cryptocurrency less mysterious and more accessible. With a packed schedule of events that can easily be viewed on the event’s convenient app, attending this conference is a great way to enhance your handle on cryptocurrency and build a beneficial contact list. 

Overview of all conferences

Take Advantage of These Networking Opportunities


The world of Blockchain and cryptocurrency is constantly growing as new developments emerge. To stay up-to-date on all the latest innovations, one must vigilantly pay attention to industry leaders and other members of the community. Conferences provide the perfect opportunity to meet and connect with innovators and industry leaders, so participants will always be in the know.  


Conferences allow community members to engage on a personal level that fosters partnerships and alliances that can shape the future of an industry. Hopefully, this introduction to the Blockchain conference Asia scene has sparked your interest and will allow you to network with like-minded professionals in your nearby area so you can be part of the future of the industry. 


Battle of the Blockchains

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27-28th February, 2019

The Athénée Hotel BKK — THAILAND

Preregistration Mixer on the 26th!

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    26th February: Pre-registration Networking and Cocktails (all ticket holders)

  • Speaker Dinner (VIP Plus ticket holders only)

  • 27th February: Conference Day 1 (all ticket holders)

  • VIP Party (VIP Plus and VIP ticket holders only)

  • 28th February: Conference Day 2 (all ticket holders)

  • Official after party (all ticket holders)


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