April 18-19th, 2018



The first TokenomX launched in the lovely city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. We picked Chiang Mai to launch in because of the passionate and budding crypto community that has emerged there over the past couple years.

For our venue we chose the beautiful Le Meridien, and we couldn’t have been happier. The staff was amazing and made sure all of our attendees were happily taken care of.

As for our dates, we picked April 17,18,19 which was only a few days after Thai New Year, otherwise known as Songkran.

For those of you unfamiliar with Songkran, Songkran is a magical time of year where the Thai’s get time off to celebrate and the country becomes a massive water fight. Our attendees were able to come for Songkran and stay for the conference which they loved!

Why did we launch TokenomX?


In a rising industry like crypto where collaboration and innovation are moving at breakneck speed, people are looking for quality events where they can connect and learn from other successful investors, traders and ICO founders.

Events are the catalyst for the amazing projects and collaborations we are seeing in the Blockchain industry. All it takes is one talk to inspire you to develop the next big idea, or an introduction to the right person who can be a gamechanger for your business.

What sets us apart from the other conferences?

The key is finding the right kinds of events that get past the ICO pitch fluff and get right to the meaty actionable content, and provide a space for deliberate, quality connection. That’s why we created TokenomX.

While ICO pitches are important for investors looking to hear about exciting new projects, we feel that that is what the exhibitor booths are for and wanted to reserve the stage for talks that will truly inspire the next influx of projects and big ideas.

That is why we have a strict NO-PITCH policy for our talks, and we are proud to deliver quality talks that actually teach you something that you can apply to your portfolio, ICO, or trades immediately.

Our talks are modeled after the TedX style of talks (20 min) and provide an opportunity to distill their best ideas into an actionable and value packed presentation.

In fact, the talks are so value packed we had an incredible demand for our speaker slides since our attendees just weren’t able to take notes fast enough. We have now included speaker slides into all our ticket packages.

Highlights from TokenomX Chiang Mai 2018

This year, 21 Speakers/Panelists hit the TokenomX stage to discuss topics ranging from the future of Blockchain to the evolution of building a successful ICO project.

Our most popular talks (based on attendee feedback) were Nicholas Merten’s (Data Dash), Erica Blair’s, Barnaby Andersun’s and Taylor West’s interview with Ismail Malik. If you’d like to watch their talks, you can check them here:

Attendees began the conference with a fun pre-registration mixer at the gorgeous Japan Village. Despite an initial outpouring of rain, the turnout was still fantastic. This was a great opportunity for attendees to meet each other in a laid back environment, so that on the first day of the conference, people were already connected and it wasn’t all brisk handshakes and business cards.

Same night, before the conference kicked off, we invited our VIPs to a beautiful mansion party to mingle with each other over drinks and appetizers.

Day 1 of the conference started off with our keynote Neyma Jahan whose talk “Bitcoin Doesn’t Matter” opened our eyes to the bigger picture of how Blockchain will be a force for change in our lives in 2020 and beyond.

Unlike most crypto/blockchain conferences in the space, most of our attendees were actually watching the talks and we had about 95% retention in the audience which is incredibly high by industry standards. That being said, we scheduled in ample coffee breaks and a nice long lunch to make sure attendees still had plenty of opportunities to connect with each other without having to miss their favorite speaker.

Speaking of lunch, our food was truly exceptional thanks to the amazing Le Meridien. Our coffee breaks came with beautiful savory/sweet spreads of thai fusion appetizers and desserts, and our lunch was a delicious Thai-International buffet. Our attendees raved about our food, saying it was some of the best they’ve ever had at a conference and were truly impressed with the service and quality.

Day 1 speakers included but were not limited to Jon Meyers from QUOINE, Tom Howard from Block Republic, and Affiliate Marketing Guru Gerry Kramer. You can watch their talks here:

We also welcomed local Thai ballerinas to grace our stage with some beautiful ballet. Attendees were transfixed and it offered a nice little break from all the info-heavy talks.

Another highlight of the day was the panel on Bitcoin moderated by Ai Kordek, who runs a successful investor syndicate. Things got heated between her and Neyma Jahan! Watch the panel here:

Day 2 of the conference was chock full of some amazing talks! Erica Blair kicked things off with her presentation on how ICOs are really all about the “Battle of the Brands”. This was a very popular talk. Other speakers included but were not limited to Barnaby Andersun from Block Alchemy, Gabrielle Franscech from Kotoba, and finally we ended with a bang with the amazingly talented and insightful Nicholas Merten, from DataDash. If you’d like to watch any of them, just check out the talks here:

After the conference, most of the attendees headed to the stunning MAYA Rooftop for our official after party to cement their newfound connections. Complimentary beer towers, live music and gorgeous views made for a fun environment to form any last minute business deals.

Speakers, Sponsors, and VIPs were invited to join us for a 4 course complimentary dinner at the internationally renowned David’s Kitchen. It was a beautiful evening and our VIPs found it to be worth the price of their ticket alone. The intimate environment allowed for exceptional relationship building. This was THE event to try to get into, and we had a waiting list of 50+ people if for some reason a seat opened up due to a VIP not being able to make it.

After our conference in Asia, we did an anonymous feedback survey and were pleased to receive some incredible feedback about the event. Here are some of the results from that survey as well as testimonials we gathered from emails, social media etc.

Stephanie Simon and Kara Jay Matthews, Founders of TokenomX and Project Nico.


TOKENOMX is an exclusive three-day networking and education event for traders, investors, and entrepreneurs in the blockchain space. We bring together key stakeholders including CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Attorneys & Developers. Our program focuses on wealth generation and financing topics such as crypto trading strategies, ICO public and private sale allocations, ICO fundraising & marketing secrets, token analysis, technical analysis, whitepaper and website case studies, and future industry insights.

With a reputation for throwing the best events in the region, and a close connection to the biggest players in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space – Project NICO is sure to have one of the industry’s hit global conferences on its hands. It’s definitely a first you won’t want to miss.


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