Why Networking and Community Building Matter

Networking and community building are two certain ways to enhance your business prospects, continually keep informed about industry developments and make long-lasting contacts. There are numerous debates arguing that networking is more important than community building and vice versa. Not claiming to have been privy to all of them, we humbly think both are equally important and unique in their own right.

Why Networking Matters

The first obvious reason comes down to statistics. The more people you meet, the greater the chance of meeting the right people. The term “right” in business context normally applies to business contacts, and that is indeed the greatest difference between networking and community building.

Whereas networking is strictly connected to the business context, that doesn’t mean that some of the people met in this way won’t become your friends. One can never know, but it can still be  considered an added bonus.

Networking brings together like-minded people to all kinds of events: from conferences to summits to panels to business exchanges. Observed carefully, networking uses the same principles as agile methodologies, which tend to teach people to think outside the box and discover their inner talents. Some argue that even creativity can be developed in such a way. Let’s face it — shared creativity is a tempting idea indeed!

What networking is certain to help with is in providing continual insights into your business industry (and other ones, for that matter). Take conferences as an example. They are swarmed with attendees on the lookout for new knowledge that can be applied to innovate around their business models, mildly put. There is much more to conferences than just inspiring new ideas. Many get to actually share their ideas, by participating in panels, discussions and speeches.

Networking is a shortcut to learning best practices and new use cases, but it is also a convenient way to meet large numbers of people at one place during a couple of days. It’s a no-brainer that gatherings of this kind welcome more people than any of us will ever possibly meet in a lifetime in our regular business environment.

Another important aspect to networking is value creation. The term is tricky, but widely used nevertheless. We’d argue that great minds think alike, and if they’re willing to share their knowledge, even greater achievements are bound to come to pass.

Obviously, some people like socializing more than others. Introverts may appear to have it considerably harder, but there is a way for them to feel at home, too. Take only online networks as an example: budding communities are popping up everywhere!

It is important to understand that networking is essential to business success. People shunning networking events are likely to find themselves lacking professional advice and being let out of important business deals.  If you don’t know where to start, the easiest way is to turn to online social platforms. LinkedIn is a good starting point, and others may come to mind, too.

Why Community Building Matters 

Community building has a more personal note attached to it. I.e., large networking events often come down to exchanging business cards and a few words. That’s not the case with community building events. These create relationships beyond a career, because people get a chance to connect on a more personal level.

Also, unlike networking, community building takes time. The reason is simple — lasting relationships don’t come overnight. They need to be tended and deepened, just like friendships. Speaking of the latter, many are born exactly in this way. When people go beyond business matters, more personal topics are bound to snake their way into the hearts of like-minded people.

As a result, connections built in this way often last longer. This especially holds true in the case of clients, who have been proven to tend to rely on stable advisors over the long run. If you think about it, it isn’t surprising at all. No one will choose an unknown person if they have a trusted one in mind.

When it comes to community building, there is a catch to mind, however. Namely, many people tend to rely solely on online connections. No wonder, eh? With mobile phones taking the dominance over in-person communication, this kind of mistake is easy to make.

Social media are a good starting point, but if you want to make lasting connections, the action must move on to a more personal level. And no, communication from behind the screen isn’t real human communication, no matter what generation Z may think.

For starters, smaller scale community building events will do. There are numerous examples of, i.e., closed Facebook groups hosting a meeting at a café, which later on grow into serious relationships and cooperation opportunities. This is particularly seen in the case of groups whose participants are looking for shared experience and advice, but not all necessarily on business, mind you. You’d be surprised to learn how many women’s groups have grown to become a force to be reckoned with from a simple small-scale tea party hosted at someone’s house.

On a larger scale, community building events that bring people from different countries together have the potential to shake the world. Somehow, it is always easier to connect with people in person when you’ve already “met” them online. The practice started with first internet forums, which have since grown to be reputable entities with its members constantly deepening their influence via face-to-face gatherings.

Finally, community building gives precedence to cooperation over competition — arguably the most distinct difference between it and networking. In business terms, if all community members strove to help others by sharing their experience and lending a hand, the pool of shared knowledge would keep expanding and reaching new levels on an everyday basis — literally!


Networking Meets Community Building


As you can see, both approaches to building business connections have their respective benefits. As is often the case, however, combining the best of the two worlds renders optimum results. Fortunately, networking and community building are not mutually exclusive. Everyone is free to do both — at their own leisure and in their own way. Finding the balance between the two is the key to long-term business prospects with people with which you love doing business. It’s a win-win situation, no matter how you look at it!


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